ChordDiver - Music Pocket Lexicon

Chord and scale library for mobile phones which support Java. Musicians of all levels can use this software as a dictionary and more. The benefit of ChordDiver is a user friendly dictionary interface, fast dictionary engine, a great number of the dictionary entries. Quickly look up any chord, note combination or scale you don't remember. More...

The GuitarCodex Series implements basic music theory in its calculation of scales and chords. The logic of the program is straight-forward and should be easily mastered by musicians with basic knowledge of music theory. It was designed to fill a niche in the vast array of music instruction software and books that are currently available.


Cell phone

Chord and scale library for mobile phones which support Java.

GuitarCodex Plus 
is a guitar application for players of all levels. You can use it as a tablature chord dictionary and more. GuitarCodex Plus allows you to see and hear chords, scales and displays associated guitar chords in a graphical representation.

GuitarCodex v.2.2
Advanced guitar chord finder with midi.
JRE1.3 plug-in needed.
GuitarCodex v.2.1 
Advanced guitar chord finder without midi.
GuitarCodex v.1.1 
Basic guitar chord finder without scales.
Basic chord finder

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