ChordDecoder v1.0

The Chord-Decoder applet attempts to derive possible chord name for a given chord fingering.

Using the mouse, fingerings can be made on the displayed checkbox and by clicking the "Find Chord" button.

To install, download and simply put the file to required directory. No special system requirements requested. You just need a java-enabled browser. 

Feel free to use this applet as you want, except for commercial use.

Free Download ChordDecoder.jar (15KB)

Your browser is completely ignoring the <APPLET> tag!


More information at

Specifying Parameters

This applet lets you customize the applet colours using RGB-colours. 
Specify the value of a parameter using a <PARAM> tag. The <PARAM> tags should appear just after the <APPLET> tag for the applet they affect:

If you implement the first time an applet to your website this example shows you how to implement Chord-Decoder to your personel website. First you have to download ChordDecoder.jar file and put it in the same directory of your HTML page. Next step is to write the following HTML-tags:

My private website</title>

<APPLET code = "ChordDecoderApplet.class"
archive =
width =
height =

This required attributes give the name of the class and archive that contains the applet's compiled Applet subclass. This class is relative to the base URL of the applet. 
<param name = "backR" value = "255">
name = "backG" value = "255">
name = "backB" value = "255">
(255, 255, 255 ) RG B-parameters stands for white background. This is the default value if the tag is not implemented. (0, 0, 0 ) RG B-parameters stands for black background. 
<param name = "appColorR" value = "216">
name = "appColorG" value = "212">
name = "appColorB" value = "206">
(216, 212, 206 ) RG B-parameters stands for applet color you see in on this site. It's the default value if the tag is not implemented.