GuitarCodex v.2.2b (Build 001)
This Java applet uses the MIDI capability for J2SE v1.3.x and requires JavaPlugin. The notes and chords are generated by sending messages to one of the default synthesizer's MidiChannel objects directly using the MidiChannel.noteOn() and related methods. 
You can use GuitarCodex as a tablature chord dictionary and more. It allows you to see and hear chords, scales and displays associated guitar chords in a graphical representation. Using the mouse, fingerings can be made by clicking on the fingerboard.

MIDI implemented.

Non-natural notes shown as flats.

Variable background colours.

Reverse chords implemented.

Mouse position note info.
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GuitarCodex 2.2a
Advanced guitar chord finder like version 2.2b displaying midi features direcetly.

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To install, download the file and save it to the required directory. There are no special system requirement. You just need a java-enabled browser. GuitarCodex is freeware and may be freely distributed.

Specifying Parameters:

<APPLET code = "GuitarCodex.class" archive ="gc_v2b.jar" 
"520" height = "520"></APPLET>


gc_v2b.jar (88KB)

This applet lets you customize the applet background colors using RGB-colors. Specify the value of a parameter using a <PARAM> tag. The <PARAM> tags should appear just after the <APPLET> tag for the applet they affect:
<param name=
"applet-bgcolor" value="#ffffff" >
<param name= "border-color" value="#000000" >
<param name= "display-bgcolor" value="#00b0b0" >
<param name= "chord-scale-bgcolor" value="#00b0b0" >
<param name= "detail-bgcolor" value="#00b0b0" >
<param name= "scope-bgcolor" value="#00b0b0" >
<param name= "shownote-reset-bgcolor" value="#00b0b0" >
<param name= "midi-bgcolor" value="#00b0b0" >

If one of the <PARAM> tags is missing or incorrect, the concerning area will set the default value (white background).